select unique gr.GRSTD_NAME_S, gr.GRSTD_ID FROM GR_STDGRAPH gr, GR_STDGRAPH_ITEM gri, GR_STDGRAPH_GROUP GG, sta_site site, sta_base stations, par_object, bd_basicdata, bd_basicdata bd_basicdata2, ts_timeseries, ts_instance WHERE gri.GRSTD_ID=gr.grstd_ID AND stations.stas_id(+) = site.STAS_ID AND bd_basicdata.bd_tca_refkey_l(+) = stations.sta_id AND par_object.par_id(+) = bd_basicdata2.bd_tca_refkey_l AND bd_basicdata2.bd_id = ts_timeseries.bd_id(+) AND ts_instance.ts_id(+) = ts_timeseries.ts_id AND bd_basicdata2.bd_id_parent(+) = bd_basicdata.bd_id and ts_timeseries.ts_ID = (to_number(gri.GRSI_CONFIG_S)) and gri.GRSI_TYPE_SI=0 AND site.STAS_NO_S > 0 and site.stas_id= and (gr.GRSTD_NAME_S not like '%intern%') and gr.GRSG_ID = GG.GRSG_ID(+) AND (GG.GRSG_NAME_S NOT LIKE '%(intern)%') and (gr.GRSTD_NAME_S not like '%(oud)%') and gr.GRSTD_PRIVATE_SI=0 and (gr.GRSTD_NAME_S not like '%intranet%')